Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, preferably made of knitted (rather than woven) fabrics as these move more easily with the body.  Wear a couple of layers in colder weather so that you can wrap up during relaxation sessions.  Work barefoot or in socks (slipper socks with the patterned latex soles are useful).  Chunky jewellery is best left off at home.

You will need a Yoga mat approx. 180 x 75cms, if you already have one (a camping or exercise mat would suffice for the first week) *;  a cushion,  reading glasses (if worn), bottle of water, a fleecy blanket or travel rug  (useful as a prop and for relaxation).

*Advice will be given on where to purchase “sticky” Yoga mats should you decide to enrol for classes.

Yoga blocks (approx. £3.50 – £5.50) and straps (from £8.00) can be ordered from the tutor.

Allow three to four hours after a heavy meal before practising Yoga: one to two hours for a snack.  It is best to empty your bladder before a Yoga session.

For regular classes there is a “try before you buy” policy which means that you can have a trial lesson free of charge (pre-bookings only: please ring me on (0116) 279 3397 – answer phone available).

If you have any other queries please contact me on the above number or via the Contact page.