The classes begin with a few minutes of centering in – being still and quiet, using techniques to help to settle the body and quieten the mind, leaving behind the “busy-ness” of your day.

These movements prepare the body, breath and mind for the main postures.

This is the peak of the practice.  Everyone is encouraged to work to their own ability, so different modifications are offered, making the content more accessible and achievable.  Sometimes postures are done dynamically, moving in time with your breath, and sometimes statically, using your breath to enable your body to remain steady and at ease.

After the main postures, gentler ones are done to counteract any potential tension and to stretch the body out.

These are breathing techniques that help to increase the flow of energy around the body.  Sometimes they are practised after the postures, and sometimes they are practised alongside them.

This may be followed by some meditation. Different methods for quietening busy minds, usually done sitting (perhaps on a chair) or kneeling.

The classes end with a period of relaxation, often with a guided visualisation.

For regular classes there is a “try before you buy” policy which means that you can have a trial lesson free of charge (pre-bookings only: please ring me on (0116) 279 3397 – answer phone available).

If you have any other queries please contact me on the above number or via the Contact page.