As a total novice at yoga I chanced upon Celia’s classes two years ago – and I consider myself extremely lucky to have found her.  Her physical skill and knowledge of yoga is inspirational, and her approach is so kind and patient. Our class members are of mixed ability and Celia manages to advise us all effortlessly.
I was first recommended to Celia’s Hallaton class after I was diagnosed with a chronic, progressive condition. As my condition has progressed Celia now visits me at home to ‘do some Yoga with me’. Celia has been the perfect teacher for me, she is patient and readily adapts the exercises to suit my needs. I have really appreciated her empathy and willingness to support me, however I am. I am sure her support has helped enormously with my health issues.
Celia’s yoga classes are the best. I have attended other classes but they haven’t quite hit the spot. I look forward to each session; it’s time for me to relax and de-stress in a peaceful environment. Celia always gives options for each movement so you can work to your own ability. It’s simply fab! If I miss a session my body and mind notice! I can’t recommend her highly enough.
I have been practising Yoga for many years and started classes with Celia about 8 or 9 years ago. She obviously puts a lot of work into her classes and the preparation beforehand. I now cannot manage to do all the exercises because of arthritis but Celia always gives me an alternative exercise to do and is very attentive to everyone in her class. I always look forward to Monday mornings when I attend Celia’s class, and it is a very good way to start my week.
To me Yoga means a friend to Body, Mind and Spirit, a joy.
It is 9 or 10 years since I started Yoga and have found it very rewarding. It has been very good not only physically but also mentally. After an operation and a bad fall I think that although I have not been able to do some of the postures so well with Celia’s help and guidance I feel my body is improving. When I have been upset or have a disagreement, it is very beneficial to do the mountain pose or sit down quietly and relax and do some Yoga breathing. I shall continue for as long as I am able.
I began classes after a diagnosis of Spondylosis. Twelve months later it has improved 100% together with increased flexibility and muscle strength, plus many other benefits.
With good-humoured gentleness Celia Herrick leads all of her students to greater fitness, awareness and inner strength. She is a gifted yoga teacher.
Janet & Cheryl